Klimbing Rox!

Klimbing Rox — Especially in a skirt; right?

I’m trans female, my pronouns are she/her, but I’m not the type to go bonkers if someone gets them wrong. Just accept me and my quirks as they are, call me Danielle, and all will be good.

I climb, rocks not ladders or cell towers, and I love skirts. I toy with the idea of climbing (bouldering really) in a skirt.

I like to feel pretty; exactly what that means differs on mood and activity. Each day I do something that make me feel pretty which makes me feel good about who I am.

What’s here:
Who knows really; only time will tell. Experiences, feelings, news that I finally did klimb rox in a skirt! Click Musings at the top to read about it.


Original image: Yosemite National Park, October 2002.

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