Photo Shoot — Part II

It seems eons ago that Sarah and I ventured out to “shoot” each other; it was probably only 6 weeks ago, and I had hoped to have the second round of pictures ready to post long before now. As luck would have it, the day of the shoot, I managed to mix up the SD cards and my second round of pictures ended up on her card. Long story short, I’ve finally managed to have the time to both pop over to her place to fetch up the card, and to go through the pictures to suss out the most “flattering” ones.

Let me start by saying that modeling is HARD! Stand up straight, always smile, don’t look down, watch where you’re walking (remember, don’t look down). And, for heaven’s sake, if your dress has pockets and the photog asks you to stuff your hands in to them and move about, do NOT lift them up! Oops! The shoot was lots of fun, and I have a few pictures to share.

Danielle is wearing a pink sundress with white polka-dots. She is crouched and reaching up to the hand rail along the stairs about to pull herself to a standing posiition.
These steps had so little rise to them that it was difficult to not feel scrunched while sitting on them. Finally , pulled up and Sarah snapped a keeper!

Some Background
It was a bit more than a year ago that Sarah created a “goodie box” for me and one of the items which made the cut was a pink dress; yes, this dress. I love it! It flows well, hits at the right spot on my legs (provided I mind my hands while stuffed in the pockets), and it has pockets. As a bonus, if I twirl (no, I don’t normally do that) it fans out! All in all, it’s a fun summer dress.

Danielle is standing on the stairs with her hands in the pockets of the pink sundress.
Look, pockets!!

The Shoot
Given that Sarah was the reason I own this dress, it seemed most fitting that it be “outfit number 2” for our photo shoot. Our chosen day started out wet. A great deal of rain fell during the early morning hours which caused us to move our location to a spot with more solid ground (concrete and bricks as opposed to grass). Our alternate turned out to be perfect as there was hardly any other souls round to gawk, distract us, or end up as unexpected “background noise” in the shot.

Danielle is standing behind a metal frame. Her hands are placed on a bar and she is leaning forward looking through the frame at the camera.
We came upon this interesting metal structure which provided a different kind of prop for the next set of pictures.

Once changed into the pink dress we found wandered a bit and found a set of stairs which made for an interesting backdrop. The rise on each stair was small, and none of the pics where I was seated were all that flattering. In fact of the nearly 250 that were taken on the stairs, only a few turned out to be “keepers.” Eventually we climbed up the stairs and discovered a spot with an unusual white metal structure which made an interesting prop.

Danielle is standing on one foot with one hand holding the metal structure allowing her to "lean out" in such a way that the shirt of her dress hangs delicately.
A climber is always hanging on something!

Certainly the shoot was fun. But, would I want to do it again? Sure! Having pictures to share that aren’t me climbing is a huge win, and I’ll admit that it was fun to be the centre of attention as we did the shoot. This time round I was in charge of the outfits, and I’m thinking that maybe next time I’ll let someone else pick; hummmm!

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